There should be no guns in the world. Suggestions for facilitators to think about I wonder. .Would the world be more or less peaceful workout guns? Would no guns mean no violence? Do guns always mean war? Can guns be used for good things? Follow up activities... PHILOSOPHICAL STORYPLAY Use Tusk Tusk by David McKee as a stimulus for inviting questions and thoughts. Invite children to play some of the ideas in the stor
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Belhar and Langa. Starting with storyplay.

Part of our baseline for storyplay is observing how play is used in the ECD setting. Play is problematic in the South African context. Imagination is not encouraged,  freeplay is not seen as learning.  Teachers themselves have very few memories of play and certainly none in the context of their schooling. We are sowing the seeds of play for a purpose-we need to create spaces where children can learn how to play in a
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