December 3rd

MOG’S CHRISTMAS by Judith Kerr Question board-which would be stranger …? A talking tree Or Snow made from feathers Facilitation ideas What might a Christmas tree say if it could talk?   If trees are alive how do we know that they can’t talk or feel things? Why are we worried by strange things?  Do you think everything should always stay the same? Would feather snow be better or worse
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A place to live

Would you rather live … in a cage full of toys or in an empty Palace? Why? Questions to further develop children’s thinking What does the word “live” in this context mean? Is it different to being alive? Can you live without doing? Do you have to have your freedom to live?
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To be or not to be …

A child stuck in a monkey’s body Facilitation ideas Are there similarities and differences between the two ? What could a child in a monkeys body do / not do? What problems can you think of ? Would you still have to go to school? Would you have friends? Would you have a monkey’s brain or a child’s brain? Who would be in change of the body ….the child or the monkey?
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Chocolate rain Or Marshmallow snow Why?
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your teacher is an alien Can you give evidence for your reasons ?
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A laughing python OR A grumpy puppy
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You choose. ..

A lion that meows or a kitten that roars WHY?
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AGREE or DISAGREE? We could replace our brains with a computer after we die.
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