December 11th

ADVENT PHILOSOPHY Today’s question board   Three wise men – which  of these people is the wisest?   The one who knows everything   The one who decides the rules   Or   The one who tells only the truth    
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Powerful Person

Who is the most powerful?  A Wizard or A Teacher I wonder. .what powers do they have?  Which is the best power to have and why?
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Yes or No? -Obedience

Should we always do as we are told? Why? Why not? Facilitation ideas Who decides what you should do? Does the person who tells you what to do always have the most power? What if the person in power is a bad person? Can someone control every thing about you? Is it more important to obey yourself or others? Should you obey without thinking about why ? Is having to do as you are told always fair? Can you still have free
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A Philosophical Classroom Investigation-“What is lining up about?”

    How many problems are encountered in the line to the school hall or the playground? How common is the call “ He/She pushed in” or “That’s my space “ “I’m at the front/back” I remember the squabbling, the constant jostle to get to the front, the arms spread across the doorway to prevent anyone from passing and also that slightly lost look of the children who really didn’t want to be in a line at all, tho
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