Real colour investigations

What colour is this water?  Philosophical play investigation. What happens to colours when you mix them when you paint or squash them together when you play with playdough? Questions to develop thinking If we can’t see can we feel or sense colour? If a tree grew purple oranges are they still oranges? Can something have no colour? Is transparent a colour?  Is colour real? What questions do you have abo
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In a story…

Which story would you rather be in and why ? Sleeping Beauty ? Or Little Red Riding Hood ? Facilitation ideas Sharing the children’s first thoughts What do they like or not like about the stories? Which characters would they be and why ?  Philosophical imaginative play Allow the children to create simple settings for both stories using den making equipment & blocks etc. Allow them to recreate the stor
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Philosophical play question board. Wild things ..

Can wild things go to school ? Yes or no ? Facilitation ideas How do we define the term wild? If something is wild does it also mean it is free?  Is it possible to ever be truely free? Can you tame something that has never known authority? Philosophical play Read Where the Wild Things Are.(Sendak) Ask the children to think about what a school for wild things might look like?  Would you be able to teach a wi
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A Child’s Work. The Importance of Fantasy Play

My work in Philosophical Play is strongly influenced by the work of Vivian Gussin Paley. As Plato said “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” Read more to find out why…. http://www.press.uchicago.edu/Misc/Chicago/644871.html
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BETTER OR WORSE? Question Board Activity

  Stimulus Present one of the following questions on the question board each day. Ask the children to place their name under their heading better or worse. Encourage them to share the reason for their choice with a parent/carer, friend or adult. Philosophical Play Allow opportunities for the children to explore these ideas through play. Provide props for dressing up, accessories, small world toys etc. to try out thei
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Watch P4C in Action

Apologies for the lack of posts – I am finally back in action on here from an incredible month in South Africa working with schools and ECE settings there . I will be blogging about my experiences soon with videos, transcripts and articles all coming soon but I wanted to share this video first. Filmed on a phone this session took place in Mfuleni Township, 40 km outside Cape Town and illustrates a first introdu
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Philosophical Play workshop at this years ICPIC Conference in Cape Town

For details of this years  programme please follow this link http://icpic.cmc-uct.co.za/?page_id=130
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Philosophy Play idea . Not Now Bernard by David McKee

Not now Bernard by David McKee Before reading the story ask the children to draw a monster. For younger children draw round a child and get them to use words & drawing to create a monster with you on large paper using descriptive language Make model monsters out of modelling materials and then hide them in their outside space. When the children go to play outside ask them to look out for the hidden monsters. If
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Twitter Archive Picturebook Enquiries

I thought it might be helpful to add my regular twitter posts which share ideas for using picturebooks on this blog rather than expect you to scroll down a crowded twitter feed.   Please do add any success stories you have had with books mentioned or any picturebooks you and the children have used in the comments box.   You might want to ask for ideas on certain books or themes and I’m sure we can help out̷
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