ADVENT -DEC 7th “Kid Snippets: “Mall Santa” (Imagined by Kids)” on YouTube

Christmas imagined by kids This video by the talented bored shorts team was created by asking children to imagine a situation.  The children are left to discuss it and their words are then re enacted by adults with perfect lip syncing. Explore the following ideas raised in the video and challenge the children to create their own conversations based on the ideas raised in the dialogue. How could they persuade oth
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December 4th

Jolly Christmas postman Question board .. yes or no … Does the big bad wolf deserve a present? Philosophical play ideas Create a role play Christmas post office. Ask the children to choose and wrap presents for characters in the book.       Encourage them to create a naughty and nice list.  Observe and listen to their ideas as they play. Facilitation ideas When children are ga
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December 2nd

JINGLE BELLS by Nick Butterworth A wonderful story where presents are not the most important thing.  This story explores the ideas of “borrowing “ A wise rat named Gavin or is that his real name and does it matter? Why would someone try and spoil other people’s happiness ? Does revenge always have to be unkind? A question board follow up … Would you rather have  a merry Christmas Or
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Frogs & snails sugar & spice

Yes or no ? Boys and girls are different. You might also wish to ask which of these babies is a girl and which is a boy and how can they tell? ( the baby in the frilly pink hat is a boy) Follow up suggestion Ask the children to draw round one girl and one boy on large paper. Read The following old nursery ryhme What are little boys made of ? Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails That’s what little boys are made
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Philosophical play in the Early Years Setting

      It could be said that children are probably at their most philosophical in their formative pre-school years. If you take Socrates’s provocation that “All I know is that I know nothing” then we see everything as new and puzzling. To a pre-school child the whole world is a new and strange place. A place where some things make perfect sense and other things absurd. A world of inconsistency and cha
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Philosophy Play idea . Not Now Bernard by David McKee

Not now Bernard by David McKee Before reading the story ask the children to draw a monster. For younger children draw round a child and get them to use words & drawing to create a monster with you on large paper using descriptive language Make model monsters out of modelling materials and then hide them in their outside space. When the children go to play outside ask them to look out for the hidden monsters. If
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