Fair or not fairy tale?

What if the wolf really can’t eat anything but little girls? What if the 3 bears had set a trap and poisoned Goldilocks? What if Hansel and Gretel had been told to demolish the witches house or they couldn’t come home?
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A wolf’s problem

Wolf is very hungry.  He has three choices but he can only eat ONE of the following. .. The grandmother Red Riding Hood Or The cake Which should he chose and why?
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Fairytale teaparty

Which one of these characters would you not invite and why ? Goldilocks The Beast Rumplestiltskin Sleeping Beauty The big bad Wolf
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Using Fairy Tales to develop understanding of concepts.

  Fairy Tale statements- Agree or disagree Activity Ask the children to stand in the middle of the space. Read out one of the statements from the list below and ask the children to move to the card that best fits their thinking. Allow a few minutes for them to talk together in the group, telling at least one person why they moved to that card. Encourage every person in the small group to share his or her voice w
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