Philosophical storyplaying… Robots

  Starting with a story… The following dialogue was overheard whilst 4 boys were playing “space robots” Don’t get me, bad robot I’m not getting you, I’m downloading you. Don’t get my baby either Robots can’t have babies. I later read this conversation back to the group as a story to be acted out inside our giant storybook. The children were then asked to think about whether there could be baby robots? The discus
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Which is better?

Questions or answers?  Facilitation ideas? These ideas are to help the facilitator think for themselves about the issues that may be behind the initial question. For example. .. These ideas might help push for deeper thinking of ideas the children are exploring. They are not intended to be a list of questions that children should answer. It is their ideas that should drive the enquiry.  Is philosophy always
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In a story…

Which story would you rather be in and why ? Sleeping Beauty ? Or Little Red Riding Hood ? Facilitation ideas Sharing the children’s first thoughts What do they like or not like about the stories? Which characters would they be and why ?  Philosophical imaginative play Allow the children to create simple settings for both stories using den making equipment & blocks etc. Allow them to recreate the stor
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A Peter Pan Inquiry- How to unmuddle our minds

Adult/Facilitators preparation What are your thoughts about the stimulus ? Thinking about this first will help you facilitate the inquiry. Read this paragraph from Peter Pan “It is the nightly custom of every good mother after her children are asleep to rummage in their minds and put things straight for next morning… It is quite like tidying up drawers. You would see her on her knees, I expect, lingering
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Useful tips for facilitation of Inquiry

Top tips for facilitation The aim is for children to take over the role of facilitation. It is important that you model the skills and allow opportunities for them to develop these skills for themselves. LISTENING We need to be able to listen actively in more ways than just using our ears. In fact ears are just the tool we use to transfer words to our brains. Listening with our brains Tips for active listening • Do I
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Using Children’s Stories to facilitate a Philosophical Enquiry in the Nursery.

  The Pirate and the Baby   Introducing philosophy to the three year olds in nursery focuses on the children taking responsibility for the thinking behind their play and storytelling. The teacher, or facilitator’s role is to introduce philosophical reasoning and thinking by recording examples of children’s independent play, roleplay and storytelling. These written dialogues are then used to develop mini spo
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