Watch P4C in Action

Apologies for the lack of posts – I am finally back in action on here from an incredible month in South Africa working with schools and ECE settings there . I will be blogging about my experiences soon with videos, transcripts and articles all coming soon but I wanted to share this video first. Filmed on a phone this session took place in Mfuleni Township, 40 km outside Cape Town and illustrates a first introdu
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Philosophical Play workshop at this years ICPIC Conference in Cape Town

For details of this years  programme please follow this link http://icpic.cmc-uct.co.za/?page_id=130
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Playing the Zoo game

Starting early enquiries Early enquiries are essentially book or play based activities used to build the skills needed for rigorous philosophical thinking. The activities can be used across the age range 3-11 but outcome will be dependent on experience and language development. The following is a transcript of an enquiry with nursery children on developing a Zoo. I explained that I was going to play a game with the c
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Using children’s stories as stimulus for enquiry.

Storytelling is the purest form of philosophical exploration. When we surround our children with the mysteries of human nature, social conventions and the moral and ethical maze that weaves in and out of stories, we are enabling them to think. More importantly, we are introducing a medium that encourages the language of thinking and wondering. Opening the doors into story worlds enables children to see connections be
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Year Long Story Curriculum-Enquiry from The Wizard of Oz.

I continue to observe that in children’s imaginary experiences there may be a 50- 50 possibility that the existence of something is real. Until the children decide, both outcomes are in existence. The real and not real are still often the same thing. But whose reality is real and how do we know? The Nothing Box An enquiry with 3 and 4  year olds arising from their roleplay     Context- The children had received a let
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Exciting new Picture books from our finest publishers. Spring 2013

I recently met up with my lovely publishing and marketing friends at the Federation of Children’s Book Groups annual conference at Culford College. I only had one day this year so I had to sacrifice a seminar and interesting author talk or two in order to sit on the floor and read as many forthcoming publications as possible. Pip and Morag from Bounce marketing showed me some really exciting proof copies some o
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Twitter Archive Picturebook Enquiries

I thought it might be helpful to add my regular twitter posts which share ideas for using picturebooks on this blog rather than expect you to scroll down a crowded twitter feed.   Please do add any success stories you have had with books mentioned or any picturebooks you and the children have used in the comments box.   You might want to ask for ideas on certain books or themes and I’m sure we can help out̷
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Picture book Resources for Philosophy 3-11-Updated titles in Italics

This is a collection of my most tried and tested recommendations for picture book enquiries. Marilyn Brocklehurst of Norfolk Children’s Book Centre will provide this collection on approval and a 10 percent discount for schools. Just ask for the PhilosophyWorlds recommendation box. www.ncbc.co.uk   Rabbityness-Jo Empsom (Child’s Play) Z is for Moose -K Bingham (Anderson) Angry Arthur -Oram & Kitam
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After almost 20 years of teaching I have decided to have a break and share my practice with practitioners near and far. My work has been defined and refined by the knowledge that the children I have worked with have given to me. Through their story telling I have learned that imagination and reality can become one and the same. From their everyday peer-to-peer conversations I have learned to listen with complete obje
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