BETTER or WORSE?- Smiley Money.

Imagine we could decide to get rid of money as we know it. In order to buy things you would now only use a smile. Would this be a better or worse system than we have now?  WHAT do you THINK and WHY ? Facilitation ideas Which would make you wealthier money or smiles ? Is wealthy the same as being rich? Do we need a currency to be happy? If we used smiles would some people be richer than others? Would a smile stil
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What Ofsted says about Philosophy for Children

   The following examples show how Ofsted recognise the impact that philosophy for children has on learning . If you have had recognition of this from Ofsted we would love to add quotes from your reports. Together we can change the way we teach. Let’s give the power to the next generation of voters to change education for the better……. Keep up the good work. Sparhawk Infant and Nursery School N
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1 day introduction to philosophical classrooms training details.

Sara Stanley 1 day Philosophical Classrooms Training This one day course offers a thorough, practical and thought provoking introduction to developing philosophy in the EYFS and Primary setting. It will focus on; • How to use children’s play and dialogue to develop a community of enquiry. • How practitioners can develop and support facilitation of children’s questions and ideas. • How daily Question Board activities
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BETTER OR WORSE? Question Board Activity

  Stimulus Present one of the following questions on the question board each day. Ask the children to place their name under their heading better or worse. Encourage them to share the reason for their choice with a parent/carer, friend or adult. Philosophical Play Allow opportunities for the children to explore these ideas through play. Provide props for dressing up, accessories, small world toys etc. to try out thei
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Watch P4C in Action

Apologies for the lack of posts – I am finally back in action on here from an incredible month in South Africa working with schools and ECE settings there . I will be blogging about my experiences soon with videos, transcripts and articles all coming soon but I wanted to share this video first. Filmed on a phone this session took place in Mfuleni Township, 40 km outside Cape Town and illustrates a first introdu
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