December 3rd

MOG’S CHRISTMAS by Judith Kerr Question board-which would be stranger …? A talking tree Or Snow made from feathers Facilitation ideas What might a Christmas tree say if it could talk?   If trees are alive how do we know that they can’t talk or feel things? Why are we worried by strange things?  Do you think everything should always stay the same? Would feather snow be better or worse
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December 2nd

JINGLE BELLS by Nick Butterworth A wonderful story where presents are not the most important thing.  This story explores the ideas of “borrowing “ A wise rat named Gavin or is that his real name and does it matter? Why would someone try and spoil other people’s happiness ? Does revenge always have to be unkind? A question board follow up … Would you rather have  a merry Christmas Or
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Advent philosophy December 1st

Would you rather fly to a snowman’s party? OR… Father Christmas’s house ? Philosophical play ideas Design a party for snowmen. What would be the most important thing to have at the party and why? Ask the children to play the party and record what happens. Bring the children back together to discuss the play experience. Facilitation prompts What makes a party? Is a party always fun? Can you have a pa
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December 4th

  Would you rather the Grinch stole … Christmas ? Or Your birthday ?
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