All animals are meat Facilitation ideas….. If we lived in a world without shops what would we eat ? Why do we eat some animals but not others? Would we eat animals if they all had names? Is it okay to eat animals? Would we survive as a species if eating animals was illegal? If it was illegal would there be any circumstances where you would eat an animal? Do animals choose what they eat? Is all killing murder? A
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Duck,Rabbit- Amy Krouse

[http://youtu.be/hPCoe-6RRks/youtube]   What do you see? Share the video or book with the children. Ask the children to divide into two groups. those who think they saw a duck and those who think they saw a rabbit. Which did most people see? Activity Using dough or clay challenge the children to combine two animals into a new creature. Once completed think of a name for this new species. Bring the creatures back
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