December 6th

6 geese  a laying YES or NO Would you eat eggs from a goose that could talk to you?  ??????
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December 5th

5 Go-old rings … AGREE or DISAGREE ..? If gold grew on trees it would still be as valuable I wonder ? If gold was painted pink would it still be gold? Who decides that gold is more valuable than silver? Would you rather have gold or chocolate?
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December 4th

  Would you rather the Grinch stole … Christmas ? Or Your birthday ?
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AGREE or DISAGREE..? Santa shouldn’t have a naughty list I wonder …Who decides what  “naughty” is? Do people choose to be naughty? Should people be punished for being naughty ? Should the punishment always fit the crime and how do we decide?
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Advent December 2nd

YES or  NO … Should elves get paid ? I wonder what currency they would prefer ? and what would they spend it on if there were no shops  ?
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Advent philosophy

Question board thinking  for the run up to Christmas.  Dec 1st Would you choose … A flying sleigh Or A plodding donkey?
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