December 14th

What would you give the big bad wolf for Christmas … A vegetarian recipe book Or A new frilly dressing gown ????
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A Philosophical Classroom Investigation-“What is lining up about?”

    How many problems are encountered in the line to the school hall or the playground? How common is the call “ He/She pushed in” or “That’s my space “ “I’m at the front/back” I remember the squabbling, the constant jostle to get to the front, the arms spread across the doorway to prevent anyone from passing and also that slightly lost look of the children who really didn’t want to be in a line at all, tho
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A Christmas wish list for educational change

For the past few months I have been involved in an educational project initiated by dedicated professionals from the school of education at the university of Cape Town and PRAESA an organisation dedicated to raising educational achievement through reading and storytelling. The project is co-funded by the Douglas Murray Trust who are committed to transforming lives of young children through educational change. The pro
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