Please support our play space for children in Grande-Synthe refugee camp

We give you… our crowdfunding page! The aims of this page are to raise money to recruit and retain long-term volunteers (such as ourselves and others) so that we can afford to pay basic expenses of accommodation, food and transport while based in Dunkirk. Our second aim is to have flexibility over what resources to buy and when to buy them and to enable us to fund local trips out etc, rather than having to simp
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refugee child -stimulus for Enquiry 

Princess of the mud kingdom   I am princess of a new kingdom From the ashes of the old I awake  From war torn to torn,  The kingdom adorned, ripped shards of waste My inheritance  corpses of rats Soiled earth Quicksands of mud Seas of flotsam  Blackened lungs full of smoke My lullaby A cacophony chorus of cough Silent sobs only a child can hear shrill calls of starving baby birds My peop
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www.sarastanley.co.uk 127 North Walsham Road NORWICH NR6 7QG UK saraloisstanley@yahoo.co.uk @philosophworld 00447495848388 One day introduction to the Philosophical classroom Date:February 8th 2016 Time: 9.30-3pm Cost: £100 per person Venue: Lionwood Junior School Norwich Course outline Participants will gain understanding of the philosophy of childhood and ways to develop the philosophy that happens in the classroom
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Storyplaying in Calais…

I need to offer my services so I’m planning to head to the migrant camps soon with a car full of things to help the youngest children in camp. My aim is to play and read with children. (No idea how but I’m sure there will be people there to help me.)   If you would like to join me or donate items i am taking and collecting pop up playtents to turn into reading dens ,good quality picture books , marke
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The virtual book tour at Beanstalk staff training #nextChapter

Where the Wild Things Are -M Sendak  Just imagine & You Choose- Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt Topsy Turvy World- Hans-Georg Barker  I am Henry Finch- Deacon& Schwarz Wild- Emily Hughes Book of Dreams- Shirin Ad          Not now Bernard-David McKee Would you rather? – John Burningham The cat, the dog, little red, the exploding eggs, the wolf and grandmas wardrobe-. D
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What I didn’t get to say on BBC 5 live this morning.

Results are released today of a year long study funded by the Education Endowment Foundation with over 3100 9&10 year olds in UK primary Schools. The study shows that just 1 hour a week of P4C leads to progress equivalent to an extra 3 & 4 months of reading, writing and mathematical over the year. A significant finding raising the profile of the work of SAPERE.( Society for advancement of philosophical enquir
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PLEASE HELP Early Years Philosophy

We have made an application to Aviva, the insurance company, for £5,000 to help 3 – 5 year old children in two Norwich schools: Lionwood Infant and Nursery School and Catton Grove Primary School. SAPERE, with Sara Stanley who is based in Norwich. Sara will train teachers to use Philosophy for Children to boost philosophical play, thinking, speaking and listening skills for these young pupils. This project will
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Video clips of my first piece of work with ALMA award winning PRAESA

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Lovely quote from UCT PGCE students defractive journal

“Watching Sara give the demo lesson two weeks ago was so insightful and inspiring. At first, these Grade 3 learners (who were so used to being told to sit down and be quiet and listen and, and, and) were a bit confused; they didn’t know what to do with their newfound freedom to think, to feel, to be. What a treat to watch them warm up to Philosophical thinking and to begin to learn to engage with one another in
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