Lesson Ideas

Philosophy Play idea . Not Now Bernard by David McKee

Not now Bernard by David McKee Before reading the story ask the children to draw a monster. For younger children draw round a child and get them to use words & drawing to create a monster with you on large paper using descriptive language Make model monsters out of modelling materials and then hide them in their outside space. When the children go to play outside ask them to look out for the hidden monsters. If
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Using Children’s Stories to facilitate a Philosophical Enquiry in the Nursery.

  The Pirate and the Baby   Introducing philosophy to the three year olds in nursery focuses on the children taking responsibility for the thinking behind their play and storytelling. The teacher, or facilitator’s role is to introduce philosophical reasoning and thinking by recording examples of children’s independent play, roleplay and storytelling. These written dialogues are then used to develop mini spo
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Exciting new Picture books from our finest publishers. Spring 2013

I recently met up with my lovely publishing and marketing friends at the Federation of Children’s Book Groups annual conference at Culford College. I only had one day this year so I had to sacrifice a seminar and interesting author talk or two in order to sit on the floor and read as many forthcoming publications as possible. Pip and Morag from Bounce marketing showed me some really exciting proof copies some o
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